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End-to-end knitwear manufacturing services

Knitwear Factory offers end-to-end scope of services – from design and raw materials sourcing to complete product delivery and inventory management.

Design team support our clients in developing knitwear collections and salesman sample collections.

Fast and Flexible

​Capacity of

10,000 items
​per month

Delivery of a complete product - labeling and packing included

Inventory management and handling services

Fully equipped with latest technology in machine knitting

Raw materials (yarn and accessories) sourcing.  Rich network of suppliers from Italy, Germany and UK (Suedwolle Group, Fillivivi, Zegna Baruffa, Filidea, Marchi & Fildi, Knoll, TVU, ZKS, YKK)

Large variety of gauges - 3, 5 ,7, 12 and 14gg. Various intarsia, jacquard, stripe effects, as well as cable knit garments with variety of surface effects


Precise linking results in superior look and feel of the final product


Expertise in all types of yarns and compositions with emphasis on wool and woolen blends


Capacity of: 10,000 per month


Rigorous Quality Control


Embroidery, print and ironing


Complete product delivery - labeling and packing included


Inventory management and handling services

Key Advantages:

Large variety of gauges

Fast and flexible development and sampling

Expertise in baby, kids and organic knitwear production

Contemporary management and efficient equipment

EU certificate of origin

Short leading time

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